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Two ways to talk

The Jabra Supreme UC consists of two main units, the Supreme Bluetooth headset and a tiny USB Bluetooth adapter. Connecting the adapter to a PC lets you chat hands-free on software phone calls or with your mobile handset.

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Comfortable but bulky

The Jabra Supreme UC may be small when its microphone boom arm is folded but is rather bulky when it's unfurled.

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Connect to PCs

When you slip the Jabra Supreme UC's USB adapter into a free USB port, you'll be able to enjoy computer audio through the wireless headset. Sorry, Apple fans, the Supreme UC's adapter doesn't work with Macs.

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Check your status

The bottom of the Jabra Supreme UC's headset holds status lights for battery level and Bluetooth connection.

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Speak and it obeys

Like the Jabra Supreme, the Supreme UC boasts strong voice command features. Pressing the voice command button located in the middle of the microphone arm tells the headset to listen for your spoken instructions.

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