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A sunny overview

I know, you can't see it now, but this thing can push some freaking pixels around.

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Not much to expect

Don't expect much here in the way of connections. You get two and only two...and you'll like it.

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Do I look fat in this light?

Not the slimmest of monitors, but with an IPS panel, we weren't expecting it to be. Just be sure to tell it how great it looks in this light.

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All you get

Yes, it's lacking in connection options. You get one DisplayPort and a single DVI port. Sure there's a USB upstream port and four downstream (two pictured), but who doesn't put those in its monitors these days? Actually, that's not all that common...OK, fine, it's pretty useful.

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Those extras

Here are those two extra USB ports, bringing up the rear. Read the full review of the HP ZR2740w.

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