The headphones, cases and accessories of Mobile World Congress 2014 (photos)

We take a look through some of our favourite headphones, phone cases and other accessories from this year's Mobile World Congress.

Andrew Lanxon
Andrew is CNET's go-to guy for product coverage and lead photographer for Europe. When not testing the latest phones, he can normally be found with his camera in hand, behind his drums or eating his stash of home-cooked food. Sometimes all at once.
Andrew Lanxon
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Mobile World Congress in sunny Barcelona is littered with the latest phones, tablets, apps and services from the biggest and smallest companies around the globe. Of course, with new phones come new accessories to go with them. I trawled the show to round up my picks of the bunch.

First up are the new Sound OG900 headphones from Samsung. At $275, they're a bit pricey, but they will match the rose-gold Galaxy Note 3.

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This Incipio Focal case adds physical shutter and zoom buttons to the iPhone 5S.
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Bringing beats to the beach? You'll need something a bit rugged, then. The rubberised body of the BRV-X speaker from Braven should hold up nicely.
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These Monster N-Tune headphones come in a wide range of colours and will set you back $129.
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These Monster headphones have Bluetooth with media control buttons on the outside.
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These Monster iSport in-ear headphones have wide rubber tips to better grip your ears so they won't fall out when you're jogging.
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And finally from Monster, the new SuperStar Bluetooth speaker. It packed a pretty big sound for such a small device. If you want music in the kitchen, it might be just the thing.
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Don't have a fingerprint scanner on your phone? Add one on the back with the Finger Q case, which uses your fingerprint -- with an app -- to secure your files.
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Does the Samsung Gear Fit qualify as an accessory? I don't care, I'm including it anyway. It's small, comfortable and that curved screen looks great. It has a heart rate monitor, pedometer and various apps on board to help track your healthy-living lifestyle.
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If you are out running, it's best to stay safe, particularly at night. This armband phone pouch has flashing LED lights to make you more visible.
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Don't fancy the YotaPhone but do like the idea of having an electronic paper display on your phone? The InkCase by Oaxis might be just your thing. It doesn't display Amazon Kindle books, but will work with PDF and ePub books.
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Do you have a seven-year-old girl? Or possibly just act like one? A Disney princess case will suit you both.
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The Flir One adds an actual thermal imaging camera to your iPhone 5s.
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It's not just an effect, it's properly measuring the heat of objects and rooms. Flir reckons it's great for people to analyse the energy-efficiency of their home insulation. It's not cheap at $350, but it's great fun to play with, if nothing else.
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Pop the i'm Tracer on your child and you can track their movements throughout the day, making sure they're not in any trouble.
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128GB of storage on a card the size of a fingernail? Well played, Sandisk.
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Want to smack your phone with a hammer? Better put a sheet of Panzerglass on it first to keep it from breaking. Even if the Panzerglass cover breaks, the screen beneath should still be protected. Peace of mind for 27 Euros.
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Love the 80s? You'll love the Binatone Brick. It's a 2G-only phone, with a massive battery and a tiny screen. It's a bit of a novelty toy, but may be an interesting shelf piece.
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Golla has a whole load of new cases for your iPad and iPhone. This iPad Mini cover has an attractive denim finish and costs 45 Euros.
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NueVue cases clean your screen as you slide your phone inside, thanks to its microfibre lining.
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HTC has a range of colourful folding cases for its One smartphone.
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Golla's Air range of cases focus more on fashion than protection. I'm sold.
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Phone running low on power? Use HTC's 9,000mAh external battery pack.
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FitBit is on site, showing off its colourful Flex band. I'd have liked to have worn one for the whole show to see exactly how many hundreds of miles I covered while working it.
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What would go well with Sony's sexy new Xperia Z2 phone? How about its ZX310AP headphones?
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Impact 21 make protective phone cases that are filled with an orange goo that becomes a solid on impact. A brave man demonstrates the gloop on his fingers. Thankfully, he didn't break a single one.
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This tiny Bluetooth speaker will fit in your pocket. Please don't play music on the bus, it's really annoying.
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You can snag it in a special set of colours to celebrate the football world cup.
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Sony has a great USB stick. It has a standard USB connector on one side, and a micro-USB on the other, allowing you to plug it into your phone to expand the storage.
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Flexible and wireless: the BackBeat Fit headphones from Plantronics.
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Otterbox's new protective cases toughen up your phone without making it look like a fat, ugly brick.
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The SteelSeries Stratos is a mini Bluetooth gamepad for playing games on your phone.
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Snap snap! The SnapGrip adds physical controls to your iPhone.
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Everyone loves the GoPro Hero cameras. The Hero 3 Black + is the latest model, with improved battery life, 4K shooting and various other tweaks.
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Samsung of course had a range of cases for the Galaxy S5 on show.
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Logitech's MiniBoom is a dinky, colourful little noise-blaster to sit in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere you want some tunes.
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Samsung has its own gaming controller for its phones, called the Gamepad. Surprisingly.

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