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Porsche Panamera 4S

Joby Gorillapod

Apple iPad

MacBook Pro

HP Scanjet Professional 1000

Powermat wireless charging system

GoPro Hero

Vicon Revue


CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman on Thursday will start Road Trip 2010, on which he'll drive more than 5,000 miles around the East Coast of the United States. He'll be behind the wheel of a Porsche Panamera 4S, and will be road-testing a wide selection of high-tech gear.

Caption by / Photo by Porsche

One item Terdiman will test out is this Joby Gorillapod tripod.

Caption by / Photo by Joby

As an experiment, Terdiman will attempt to use an iPad 3G for as many computing tasks as possible during Road Trip 2010.

Caption by / Photo by Apple

When he's not using the iPad, Terdiman will be using the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro as his computer.

Caption by / Photo by Apple

He'll also have this Hewlett-Packard Scanjet Professional 1000 mobile scanner in tow.

Caption by / Photo by HP

To help with charging up a veritable passel of high-tech gear, Terdiman will use Powermat's wireless charging system.

Caption by / Photo by Powermat

The GoPro Hero wearable camera is designed to be mounted on a vehicle in order to capture images on the fly.

Caption by / Photo by GoPro

The Vicon Revue is a wearable camera that can be used to capture a stream of photos in real time.

Caption by / Photo by Vicon

The Eye-Fi wireless SD card is used to automatically upload pictures from a camera to a laptop computer.

Caption by / Photo by Eye-Fi
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