The map

Seen here for the first time, the official 2013 Burning Man map gives participants the lay of the land at the countercultural arts festival, as well as a series of clues for a game called The Cult of the Hat.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/


There are about two dozen separate clues embedded directly in the map.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/

Historical knowledge helpful

Solving some of the game's clues require historical knowledge, so players are encouraged to team up with others to maximize their ability to figure them all out.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/

Taking action

When all the clues are solved, players will be given information about a last bit of action they must take.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/

First time game

Hoffman, who has designed 13 official Burning Man maps in a row, had long wanted to build in a game. In 2013, she finally got her wish.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/

A couple hours

Players -- especially if they team up with others -- should be able to solve all the clues in an hour or two.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/

Oracle Machine

In addition to the game embedded directly into the map, players will also get a second game, called the Oracle Machine, which will encourage them to interact with strangers around them at Burning Man.
Photo by: Lisa Hoffman/


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