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Removable grip

The E-PL5 has a screw-in grip, which addresses one of my problems with its predecessor. Here it's shown with the new flatter-than-a-pancake 15mm f8 body-cap lens, a fixed-focus lens with a built-in manual cover that allows it to double as a lens cap.

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The camera has a more tapered profile on the sides, a little like the XZ-1. I think I like it a little better the old way. The top controls are otherwise unchanged.

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Except for updating the display to a touch screen and a shift to a black-and-silver rather than all-silver navigation control, the back is pretty much the same.

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Say 'cheese!'

The LCD now flips up for taking self-portraits.

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The LCD hinges. You can also see the screw on the grip.

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