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This watch hearts your heart

BARCELONA, Spain--The Mio Alpha can monitor your heart rate, sync data to smartphone apps, and track when you're in your optimal exercise range.

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Bright LED eyes

On the underside of the Mio Alpha are two bright green LEDs that help the watch sense your heart rate through skin.

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A real wrist computer

The I'm Watch is a full-fledged Android computer strapped to your wrist. Running a modified version of Android 2.1, the touch-screen gadget lets wearers access custom applications.

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Tell the time around the world

Preloaded on the I'm Watch is a slick-looking world clock app. It displays the current time in various time zones.

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View control

Umoove is a technology that watches your eye movements so that you can control tablets and smartphones with your gaze.

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The Sci Fi eye scan

Eyeverify relies on phones with front-facing cameras 2 megapixels or higher to use eyes as passwords. The app looks for signature veins at the edges of each eye that act as biometric identifiers.

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