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Happy Halloween!

All Hallows' Eve is upon us and we have a lot of incredible costumes to share from our Halloween contest with TV Guide. Take a look at some of our favorites and remember you have until 11:59 p.m. PT Wednesday to submit your photo.

The contestants submitted a photo and caption. We are starting with Joseph G. who says:

"Eat your heart out!. No wait, I'll do that!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Joseph G.Read the article
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Yes, adorable Wednesday Adams.

Published:Caption:Photo:Ilona N.Read the article
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That mustache...

"I mustache you a question."

Published:Caption:Photo:Rick F.Read the article
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This contestant submitted her take on a skull face.

Published:Caption:Photo:Heather T.Read the article
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"You're strong, But I could snap my fingers, and you'd all cease to exist."

Published:Caption:Photo:Alex D.Read the article
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Thing 1

"Granny fun at the senior center."

Published:Caption:Photo:Brenda B.Read the article
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"But... before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger -- on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Hillary H.Read the article
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Joker ventriloquist doll

"Hello, I would like you to meet the joker ventriloquist doll! Joker and slappy the doll from the goosebumps show have always been my favorite TV characters so thought I'd mix things up a little and I came up with this."

Published:Caption:Photo:Mike M.Read the article
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Gym Kardashian

An homage to the meme created by Twitter user @jaypaulgeorge.

Published:Caption:Photo:Amanda V.Read the article
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"I was Waldorf from the muppets. My costume was homemade from scratch. The materials that were used were felt, foam, glitter, a flower pot and a juniors jacket. It look about two weeks to make. Hope you enjoy."

Published:Caption:Photo:Elyse V.Read the article
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"Oh, hello! You're probably wondering why the red suit? Well that's so bad guys can't see me bleed."

Published:Caption:Photo:Chloe M.Read the article
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Marie Antoniette

"Marie Antoniette! Floating severed head of the Queen post-revolution. I had the overdress commissioned, but did everything else myself. Really proud of the wig styling in particular."

Published:Caption:Photo:Kristen S.Read the article
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Th executioner

This costume makes me appreciate my neck a lot.

Published:Caption:Photo:Danny GRead the article
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The Mad Hatter

"Johnny Depp inspired Mad Hatter original twist with feather eyebrows and aces up my sleeve."

Published:Caption:Photo:Jonathan L.Read the article
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Trick or treat

"The dead don't rise!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Alexander S.Read the article
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"Gamora: Marvel character -- Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Gamora is the adopted daughter of Thanos. She betrayed him by stealing the Orb ("Power Stone") and joined the Guardians of the Galaxy."

Published:Caption:Photo:Hannah B.Read the article
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"Santa cruising the beach near the Santa Monica pier."

Published:Caption:Photo:Dan R.Read the article
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Wonder Woman

"Wonder Woman and the joy of fighting for a better world in the 21st century watching TV guide."

Published:Caption:Photo:Clarissa C.Read the article
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Michael is in the house...

"Mr. Myers."

Published:Caption:Photo:Mark M.Read the article
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Meredith Grey

"Every year for Halloween I dress up as a Meredith Grey from different episodes! Last year I was season 2 episode 8 and this year I was season 3 episode 16 -- drowning Meredith!! I am biggest Grey's anatomy fan ever!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Ellen M.Read the article
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Leeloo from The Fifth Element

"Leeloo Dallas Multipass."

Published:Caption:Photo:Danielle K.Read the article
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Off with their heads!

"The queen of broken hearts."

Published:Caption:Photo:Phyllis O.Read the article
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Any confessions?

Onyinye A. shows us her scary nun.

Published:Caption:Photo:Onyinye A.Read the article
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Lando Calrissian

"Lando Calrissian looking upon Han Solo frozen in Carbonite."

Published:Caption:Photo:Reynard B.Read the article
of 37

The Ender Dragon

"The Ender Dragon: Trick or Treat Mode."

Published:Caption:Photo:Gladys F.Read the article
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Free style!

James M. shared with us his own creation! 

Published:Caption:Photo:James M.Read the article
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Mr. Incredible

"Mr. Incredible 2019."

Published:Caption:Photo:Robert W.Read the article
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Druid Deadpool

Who Fears Druid Deadpool!!!! Coming to Crash YOUR Halloween Party in a city near You!!!

Published:Caption:Photo:Robert W.Read the article
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The cowboy

"Cowboys hate waiting."

Published:Caption:Photo:Brian S.Read the article
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"When I was a child, my mother called me Medusa because of my wild, thick, crazy hair. I've always been intrigued by the snake woman. The costume was more difficult to put together than I thought. I worked on it the whole year because I wanted to do her justice. Rubber snakes where the hardest to find and much more money than I thought. I collected the snakes from different places; there really is not a big demand for rubber snakes. I wanted more snakes for the costume, but Springfield was all bought out. My boyfriend, who is Perseus, helped paint my body to look like a snake. We both worked very hard, and long hours, trying to perfect the costume. Happy Halloween!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Cynde H.Read the article
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Lydia and Beetlejuice

"Lydia's dress started as a used red waist slip and red T-shirt. Much tulle and taffeta were built around it to create Lydia's iconic red wedding dress in Beetlejuice. A handmade veil put it all together. The undead Beetlejuice himself started out as a thrift store black suit. All stripes were taped off and hand painted with textile paint. His wig started as a wig cap; acrylic yarn was cut in small strips, threads were pulled out by hand to expose the fluffy part of the yarn. Each hair plug was individually glued on. This took two weeks. The wig was brushed out, hair sprayed, and dirtied with paint and moss. I also personally applied Beetlejuice's makeup. Both outfits are 85 percent upcycled, and it took 1 month to create both outfits."

Published:Caption:Photo:Erin B.Read the article
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"Please don't resent me..."

Published:Caption:Photo:Steven N.Read the article
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The pirate

"Rated ARRRRR!"

Published:Caption:Photo:Jane M.Read the article
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Linda Blair from The Exorcist

"It's a beautiful day for an Exorcism" 

Published:Caption:Photo:Brandy P.Read the article
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What an incredible outfit made by Apollonia out of recycled paper.

Published:Caption:Photo:Apollonia C.Read the article
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Zombie mamma

"Pregnant zombie with baby still attached to umbilical cord. This was so fun to do, and the reactions were fantastic."

Published:Caption:Photo:Stephanie W.Read the article
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Mama Fratelli

"Mama Fratelli from The Goonies."

Published:Caption:Photo:Bernadette W.Read the article
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