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LittleBigPlanet Vita

Gravity Rush

Persona 4 Golden

Mortal Kombat

Super Stardust Delta


Rayman Origins



Sound Shapes

The Vita version of the quintessential PlayStation franchise is an absolute blast to play, packed to the brim with features and content that'll have you busy for months.
Caption by / Photo by SCEA
Gravity Rush is an open-world game that lets the player harness the power of gravity. Its unique setting and comic book styling is a fresh change of pace from the typical action game that makes it well worth the price of admission.
Caption by / Photo by SCE Japan Studio
Persona 4 Golden is the highest rated Vita game of all time even though the game is a remake of a classic RPG. Its smart and engaging story transfers perfectly to the Vita, making it a must-own for role-playing enthusiasts.
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Arguably the best fighting game available on the Vita, Mortal Kombat is a true 1:1 port of the console reboot of the classic series. Better yet, the Vita version even packs in some additional content.
Caption by / Photo by NetherRealm Studios
It's an oldie but a goodie. Super Stardust Delta is an addictive and hypnotic stick shooter that debuted with the Vita at launch.
Caption by / Photo by Housemarque
OlliOlli is a highly addictive and fast-paced side scrolling skateboarding game that looks simple on the surface, but is surprisingly complex underneath. It's the perfect game to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time and shouldn't be overlooked by anyone with a Vita.
Caption by / Photo by Tom Hegarty
Originally released on consoles, Rayman Origins made its way to the Vita a few months later and maintained all of the addictive platforming action we fell in love with. Couple that with an art style unlike anything you've likely seen in a game, and Rayman Origins is a no-brainer for a Vita owner.
Caption by / Photo by Ubisoft
One of the best overall games of 2013, Tearaway blends the real world and fantasy world through a clever use of the Vita's camera and the player's own imagination.
Caption by / Photo by Media Molecule
While it might be a little on the short side in terms of gameplay length, Guacamelee! is filled with charm and personality, not to mention a great combat system.
Caption by / Photo by Drinkbox Studios
Sound Shapes was one of the very first Vita titles that paved the way for a barrage of independent games on the platform. Its unique style and control solidified the Vita as a haven for the unconventional, and that's an awesome thing.
Caption by / Photo by Queasy Games
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