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Fidget cube, or fidget spinner?

Fidget cubes and spinners are ultra-popular now, and cost anywhere from a dollar to twenty. Fidget cubes (center, grey) are covered in buttons, knobs and switches. Fidget spinners (blue, bottom right) are flat and spin on ball bearings like a gyroscope. But a lot of electronics have fidgety features, and you may not even realize it.

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Apple Watch

Whether or not you appreciate the idea of a smartwatch, the spinning side crown button is perhaps the most addicting and satisfying fidget feature in any current gadget.

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Nintendo Switch

The Supreme Fidget Game System. The Switch's slide-out Joy-Con controllers are studded with buttons, and feel fun to play with. Also, don't forget the slide-on grips.

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Apple's little wireless earbuds have a well-machined magnetic way of snapping into their case, and even the lid has a comforting magnetic click. It's very flippable.

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Samsung Gear S3

Samsung's smartwatch features a clicking, rotating bezel around the watch face that spins like a wheel. It's good for navigating, and excellent for fidgeting.

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Blackberry KeyOne

Do you miss lots of buttons on your phone? Blackberry's back with a full-keyboarded phone, and it could be what you're looking for if you miss those clicky keys.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

Surface Dial

Microsoft's wireless Surface accessory spins like a giant knob and control apps. It's also an excellent desktop toy to fiddle with.

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Steelseries Stratus

This tiny Bluetooth game controller has been around for years, but its pleasingly crammed-in assortment of buttons could make it a good little stress reliever.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

iPod Shuffle

It's small, it's got a springy clip, it has clickable buttons. Come on.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

A good, clicky, dial-filled mouse

Mice are a perfect fidget. One of our favorites was the Logitech MX Master, seen above. Plenty to keep you occupied.

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Misfit Shine 2

Misfit's disc-shaped fitness tracker is the size of a coin and pops into its own accessories. Tapping the smooth disc brings up a flare of colored LEDs. Or, it's a fitness-tracking worry stone.

Published:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

Old MacBook Air charger

An office pick via Bridget Carey: the MacBook charger's flip-down prongs and the flip-up cable catchers make for many dimensions of fidget.

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Slide-out USB sticks

A cheap pocket fix: SanDisk's slide-out design is like the modern-day clickable pen.

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