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Nexus 7

Trying to decide on the best 7-inch tablet this holiday season? Here, we round up our favorite little tablets.

The Nexus hits the near-perfect price-to-performance ratio with NFC, a front-facing camera, and one of the most comfortable designs of any tablet, all at a $199 price.

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Kindle Fire HD

Amazon's follow-up to the original Fire gets it right with a great-looking screen, incredible-sounding speakers, and Amazon's huge treasure trove of books, video, and music. Paying $199 for something rarely feels this satisfying.

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Kindle Fire (2012)

The original Kindle Fire gets a processor speed upgrade, its RAM doubled, and includes Amazon's new Kindle Fire interface. At $159, it's difficult not to include this on any and all gift lists.

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Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini's light, thin design and extra screen real estate compared to other 7-inch tablets is both a blessing and a screen-resolution curse. Still, it's the cheapest way to get the iPad experience.

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Barnes & Noble Nook HD

The Nook HD delivers the best-looking movies and books of any 7-inch tablet thanks to its sharp 1,440x900 resolution screen. We're just hoping its selection of apps, movies, and TV shows increases over the next few months.

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