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Rough and ready for summer

The new Galaxy S4 Active is essentially a toughened-up version of Samsung's Galaxy S4 superphone. Coming to AT&T on June 21 for $199, the waterproof and dustproof device boasts a big 5-inch screen, quad-core processing, and a connection to 4G LTE data networks.


Scratchable screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active's 5-inch display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. As a result Samsung claims the Active's screen is resistant to scratches.


This back is buttoned up

Looking at the back of Samsung's Galaxy S4 Active, it's easy to see this phone is well-protected. Its big screws are hard to miss and convey the notion that this device is buttoned up against the elements. The camera uses a lower-resolution 8MP sensor as opposed to the 13MP imaging system you'll find on the standard Galaxy S4.


Volume on the left

On the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active's left edge sits the phone's volume rocker.


Power up from the right

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active's right side holds the power button. Apparently the phone lacks a dedicated camera key.


A thicker profile

From this profile shot of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you can tell it's a bit thicker than the less-protected GS4.


Orange like the sunset

Samsung will sell the Galaxy S4 Active in an orange hue as well.


Blue as the sky

Besides sedate gray and bright orange, the Samsung will sell Galaxy S4 Active phones in a vivid blue.

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