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Pretty, slim, and frameless design

LAS VEGAS--The sundial-style stand allows you to take advantage of the Asus MX299Q's 178-degree viewing angle.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Eric Franklin/CNET

High resolution, but not extreme

The Asus MX299Q's 2,560x1,080 resolution isn't as high as some "extreme definition" monitors but according to Asus it still provides an "incredible visual feast."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Eric Franklin/CNET

The price is tempting

Starting at $599, the Asus MX299Q is priced lower than many highly rated "extreme definition" monitors. Ports on the monitor include HDMI/MHL, dual-link DVI, and DisplayPort.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Eric Franklin/CNET

Pretty fly for a wide buy

The Asus MX299Q has shown itself to be phat: pretty with a slim design, high resolution, and tempting at the price of $599.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Eric Franklin/CNET
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