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Prabal Gurung's Fall 2018 collection

What's the Amazon Echo Look?

Amazon Echo Look Book

Working the runway

Echo Look will feature fashion magazines


Expanded availability... eventually

Fashion collaboration

Women's clothing designer Prabal Gurung used the Echo Look to create his Fall 2018 digital look book, aka the set of photographs that show the clothes in a designer's latest line. The look book will include the following photos, including this shot of model Bella Hadid. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

The $200 device is a photo and video camera with a built-in smart speaker, which means you can give it voice commands through Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant. The Echo Look's main focus on fashion makes it stand out from other Echo devices. The camera takes full-body selfies and uses the pictures to give fashion advice through its app. 

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

An Amazon rep says the company did not retouch these photos: "It's a great testament to the fact that anyone can take amazing photos of their daily look right from home."

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Amazon also set up an Echo Look to take photos and videos at Gurung's runway show on Sunday in New York.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Amazon will also work with the fashion magazines Vogue and GQ magazines to post curated content on the home screen of the Echo Look app beginning Feb. 19.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Unlike other Echo speakers, the Echo Look is only available through invitation

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the company will eventually make the Echo Look available to anyone, but declined to say when.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Amazon's partnership with an established fashion designer is an example of how the company wants to strengthen the Echo Look's fashion bona fides before it releases the product to the general public.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon
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