The amazing costume play at San Diego Comic-Con (pictures)

From supervillains to superheroes, fans at the famed convention show off their creativity with impressive costumes that bring to life all those characters that started on paper.

Tania González
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Gandalf the Grey

SAN DIEGO -- On July 8, the downtown area here turned into the home of thousands of superheroes, supervillains and all kind of sci-fi and fantasy characters from comics, movies and video games. The halls of the city's convention center were flooded with Batmans, Supermans, Vaders, Jedi and even original characters as costume-clad fans did some lighthearted role-playing at the biggest comic-book and pop culture celebration of the year: Comic-Con International San Diego 2015.

Scroll through the gallery to see the cosplayers with the most amazing costumes, starting with Gandalf the Grey from "Lord of the Rings" (or, as we at CNET en Español call him, Gandalf el Gris. Follow our Comic-Con adventures here on Twitter!)

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A fully armored Knight

This knight was struggling with a sack full of swords, but that gave us the chance to snap a quick picture of his cool metal armor.

san diego comic con sdcc
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Loki is a girl!

Some of the ladies decide to pay homage to their favorite male characters, but with their own feminine spin. This female version of Thor's nemesis Loki is a fine example.

Loki and Captain America cosplay
4 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Captain America

Loki's everywhere, and getting along just fine with Captain America.

HYDRA showgirl cosplay
5 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

HYDRA showgirl

Who says Captain America's the only one who can have showgirls?

Groot and Rocket
6 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Groot and Rocket

Giant Groot and Rocket Raccoon are ready for battle.

7 of 46 Tania González/CNET


Remember Flash Gordon? Well, this is his archenemy, Ming the Merciless. We first met Ming in the Flash Gordon comic strip from the 1930s.

san diego comic con sdcc
8 of 46 Tania González/CNET

A mighty family

This whole family got in cosplay mode. From left to right we have Gambit from the X-Men; a female version of Magneto; and the one and only Link from the classic video game The Legend of Zelda.

san diego comic con sdcc
9 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Darth Vader and a stormtrooper

Star Wars fans also flooded the Convention Center of San Diego. These two really did a cool number with the outfits.

You can check my fun selfie with this pair here on Twitter.

san diego comic con sdcc
10 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Admrial Akbar

This impressive Admiral Akbar head is made with papier-mâché and it took them three months to finish it.

san diego comic con sdcc
11 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Evaan Verlaine

I am a "Star Wars" fan (since childhood -- here's what I thought of the trailer for "The Force Awakens") and I love the fact that you discover new characters at Comic-Con. This is Evaan Verlain, "a human pilot who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War," according to Wookiepedia.

She's been featuring in the Princess Leia comic book series as the princess' pilot and protector.

san diego comic con sdcc
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Steampunk 'Star Wars'

The idea of steampunk "Star Wars" inspired this magnificent outfit. The cosplayer is Captain Solo Seekerman.

Don't miss our Vine or Instagram video of this outfit because you can see how the mechanic wings operate.

san diego comic con sdcc
13 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Cartoons come to life!

On the left we see Finn from "Adventure Time" on the Cartoon Network, and on the right we get a bit of anime come to life.

san diego comic con sdcc
14 of 46 Tania González/CNET

You wanna bite?

Vampires also stop by to feed at San Diego Comic-Con, but her glamour did not work on me because I'm on vervain (thank you, "Vampire Diaries"!).

san diego comic con sdcc
15 of 46 Tania González/CNET


Vanellope from "Wreck-It Ralph" did not wanna leave her candy race car at the parking lot because someone might snack on it.

Calhoun cosplay
16 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Another Wreck-It Ralph appearance: Calhoun.

san diego comic con sdcc
17 of 46 Tania González/CNET

One of 'The Croods'

Guy from DreamWorks movie "Croods" stop to say hello at Comic-Con.

san diego comic con sdcc
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SkekSil is the Skeksis Chamberlain from the 1982 film "The Dark Crystal."

The cosplayer had a friend to guide him around because it was hard to see and keep an eye on his own tail.

san diego comic con sdcc
19 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Harley Quinn and Joker

Batman lovers also came down to Comic-Con.

What do you think of these Harley Quinn and Joker cosplayers?

I really like the pose and the makeup -- it's literally crazy.

Harley Quinn and Joker cosplay
20 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Harley and Joker

Rockabilly/steampunk interpretations of Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Batman and Joker
21 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Batman and Joker

Break it up, guys.

22 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Batman has his hands full with so many of his enemies roaming the show floor.

san diego comic con sdcc
23 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Ramona Flowers

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World arrived without any of her evil exes.

san diego comic con sdcc
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Doctor Who

The Nerder Mysteries team decided to put their twist on the long-running British TV series "Doctor Who."

san diego comic con sdcc
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Max Headroom?

This costume reminded me of the '80s show "Max Headroom."

It was impressive because he had wired a camera inside the TV box so he was able to look around and give us a fun little dance for the picture.

san diego comic con sdcc
26 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Van-Dinex and Darkstalkers

On the left we see Me! Me! Me! from the artist Van-DineX and on the right we have Lilith from the 2D video game Darkstalkers.

san diego comic con sdcc
27 of 46 Tania González/CNET

A singular trio

I snapped a quick one of this three.

On the left we see Chef Flash who makes speedy pizzas, and on the far right we see John Constantine. In the middle, you tell us!

san diego comic con sdcc
28 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Nortrom the Silencer

This girl made a lady version of Nortrom The Silencer from the video game Dota 2.

Mortal Kombat cosplay
29 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade, Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

san diego comic con sdcc
30 of 46 Tania González/CNET


I had to snap a picture of this cool Scorpio, not only because he looks pretty amazing but also because he was one of my go-to characters when I played Mortal Kombat in the arcade as a teen.

Mass Effect cosplay
31 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Mass Effect

Commander Shepard, Legion and a friendly-looking  soldier dude.

san diego comic con sdcc
32 of 46 Tania González/CNET


This lady told me that Beetlejuice has been her platonic love since she was little, and this is her homage to him.

33 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Aquaman, Aquawoman and Nightwing.

34 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Furiosa cosplay
35 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Furiosa, from "Mad Max: Fury Road."

36 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

​Aradia Megido

Aradia Megido, from webcomic "Homestuck."

Inside Out cosplay
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Cheer up, Sadness (from the movie Inside Out).

Inside Out cosplay
38 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Joy, from Inside Out, is happy to be here.

san diego comic con sdcc
39 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Her magical self!

Not everyone cosplays a famous comic character. This lady created her own fantasy self with some inspiration from the Día de los Muertos and the art of bellydance.

He-Man cosplay
40 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Masters of the Universe

He-Man came with some of his fellow Masters, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, She-Ra and perhaps Scorpia?

san diego comic con sdcc
41 of 46 Tania González/CNET


This woman told me it took two months to make her dress with help from her grandma.

She surely made a lovely princess Giselle from "Enchanted."

san diego comic con sdcc
42 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Pinkie Pie

A two-legged version of Pinkie Pie from "My Little Pony."

She bought a regular dress and added some classical elements of Pinkei, including her cutie mark. Plus she made her own ears.

See all CNET's Comic-Con 2015 coverage here

Steampunk Little Mermaid cosplay
43 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Little Steampunk Mermaid

Steampunk variations on the Little Mermaid's Ursula and Ariel, and Star Wars' Princess Leia.

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl cosplay
44 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl.

san diego comic con sdcc
45 of 46 Tania González/CNET

Going back to the 14th century

This two ladies hand-made their costumes to recreate the dresses that women wore in 14th-century France.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum cosplay
46 of 46 Ashley Esqueda/CNET


Tweedledee and Tweedledum

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