The 21 most awesomely geeky (and cool!) T-shirts

You'll look like a million bitcoins!

Joal Ryan
1 of 21 HBO Shop

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If you are what you wear, then you're just clicks away from being the coolest-looking geek at your start-up.

Here are our picks for the 20 most fabulous geek T-shirts. No extra charge for subtle Silicon Valley references.

2 of 21 6 Dollar Shirts

​Evolution to termination

Yes, thanks to your computing genius, we are all screwed. At 6 Dollar Shirts for $6 and up.

3 of 21 Snorg Tees

​Back that thing up

Awesome graphic. Dead-on reminder. Get it at Snorg Tees. Prices start at $22.

4 of 21 Hot Topic

Dungeons & Dragons 1983 players manual

Fans of "Stranger Things," rejoice. Awesome artwork meets off-the-charts geekiness. Regularly $20.90 and up at Hot Topic.

5 of 21 ​GraphicLab

Millennium Falcons

Root, root, root for the Han team. This cool design available for $10 and up at GraphicLab.

6 of 21 WBshop.com

​Crookshanks the cat

When you become a cat lady, you will become the magical kind. Women's sizes available for $24.95 and up at WBshop.com.

7 of 21 Hot Topic

Marvel Scarlet Witch Forest

This one's so groovy-cool, you may not even feel like you're geeking out. Get the vibe at Hot Topic. Regularly priced at $20.90 and up; last seen on sale.

8 of 21 TV Store Online

'Game of Thrones' Stark emblem

Winter is coming, and you're wearing it. At TVStoreOnline for $25.

9 of 21 6 Dollar Shirts

​You have died of dysentery

Oregon Trail was a harsh taskmaster. Remember the pioneering spirit at 6 Dollar Shirts. Prices start at $6.

10 of 21 Insert Coin

​Pikachu gym

Think of it as workout-wear for your next round of Pokémon Go. At Insert Coin for $27.50.

11 of 21 Pirate Printing Company


This on-the-money tribute to digital currency can be yours for $20 at the Pirate Printing Company. Credit, PayPal and, yup, bitcoins accepted.

12 of 21 TeePublic


Vinyl nerds will know why this shape makes your heart spin at 45 rpm. At TeePublic for $20.

13 of 21 TeeFury

​Monster Island

This one's for when you're in a kaiju state of mind. Prices start at $20 at TeeFury.

14 of 21 TeePublic

​Don't blink

You know never know when you'll need Tardis-shaped advice on how to survive an attack by the Weeping Angels. Get yours at TeePublic. Prices start at $20.

15 of 21 Pirate Printing Co.

"I used Silk Road"

Anyone who's ever had their bitcoins confiscated by the FBI (you know ... in theory) knows exactly what this tee is all about.

It goes for $20 at Pirate Printing.

16 of 21 ThinkGeek

'​Mr. Robot' Evil Corp

You and Elliot know the score. Get it on sale for $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

17 of 21 TeeFury

​May 25, 1977 Variant

Never forget. The day the first Star Wars movie opened, that is. On sale for $15 and up at TeeFury.

18 of 21 Unixstickers.com

​The ultimate JS T-shirt

You know why we think this is the "ultimate" coding shirt? You get a laptop sticker with your purchase. At Unixstickers.com for $24.99.

19 of 21 T-Shirt Bordello

​Cylon Raiders

This great-looking mash-up of football and, sure, "Battlestar Galactica" is available at T-Shirt Bordello for $20 and up.

20 of 21 Spreadshirt

​Geek power ideology

Press and hold to shut things down or power up. Do both at Spreadshirt for $22.49.

21 of 21 ThinkGeek

​Pi by numbers

Get your exacting slice of pi for $19.99 at ThinkGeek.

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