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Put the camera to the test

Like many other juiced-up smartphones these days, the LG Spectrum packs an 8-megapixel camera. Photos usually look great on a 4.5-inch HD display like the Spectrum's, but how about when you blow them up on the computer screen or TV? The following photos were taken with the phone's automatic settings. They've been resized, but are otherwise untouched.

Flowers outside CNET, taken in even morning light, are vibrant and crisp.

Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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A little dark

Bright colors look best in this outdoor shot, taken from afar; note that the person looks pretty sharp.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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Not playing around

I often shoot these toys, an indoor, artificially lit scene that trips up most smartphone cams. I placed the focus on the angry red guy. Can you tell?

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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There's little natural light in this scene. Colors look duller and the focus is less crisp. The flash didn't go off, though the camera was set to autoflash mode.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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Backlit fail

I knew I was taking a chance with this iffy shot of the lovely Katy. The flash didn't engage, and Katy looks dark and grainy. I hoped the Spectrum would pull out of it better than that.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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I feel this way too

No wonder CNET editor Jaymar Cabebe is upset. He's washed out and blurry after the second attempt to capture him on the Spectrum. No flash, but there was pretty good indirect light streaming from nearby windows.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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Studio scene

The Spectrum did a nice job with this controlled, completely indoor studio scene that's become a standard shot in these CNET reviews. For more details, read up on the LG Spectrum here.

Updated:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET
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