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EU's Neelie Kroes crosses the pond

The Techonomy sign adorns the Ritz Carlton near Lake Tahoe in California. The inaugural event drew heavyweights--from Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos to Larry Page--this week to talk about technology and its broader role in the economy.
Caption by / Photo by Ina Fried/CNET
Emerging-market entrepreneurs gather after their Friday morning panel at Techonomy. From left to right, Selco Solar's Harish Hande, mPedigree's Bright Simons, and Ciudad Saludable President Albina Rios.
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At Thursday night's dinner at Techonomy, there may have been talk of how meat eating depletes the world of needed grain, but ribs were on the menu.
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A panel at Techonomy debates the future of currency. From left to right, moderator Mark Anderson from Strategic News Service, Zong's Hill Ferguson, PayPal's Scott Guilfoyle, Citi's Christopher Kay, and Visa's Bill Sheedy.
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Although the Techonomy conference brought together some tech heavyweights, not all attendees were so savvy, with many taking advantage of a tutorial on how to get started with Twitter.
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Here, European Commissioner Neelie Kroes is on stage with conference organizer David Kirkpatrick. The former competition chief for Europe is now in charge of the EU's digital agenda.
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