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Take a ride with the Revere 2

Listen my readers and you shall hear... about the LG Revere 2. All right, so it might not be as legendary as other Reveres we know, but at least this handset has a chic look and is currently available from Verizon for $79.99.

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Get quick info

The 0.98-inch external display has a 96x96 resolution, which suffices to show you pertinent information like the time, date, battery level. The front also houses a camera lens and two small slits for the audio speaker.

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Taking a look at the display

Inside is the color 2-inch display, with a 176x220-pixel resolution. It can display up to 262,000 colors, so don't be surprised if images or graphics look grainy or streaky. Icons and text are legible, but you can see some obvious aliasing with the latter.

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A comfortable keypad

Below the display are two sets of keys. The first set is mainly for navigational purposes, while the second consists of the familiar alphanumeric keypad.

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Quick access to the camera

The phone is compact, and measures 3.78 inches tall, 1.95 inches wide, and 0.72 inch thick. On the right you'll find a shortcut key for the camera.

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A 2.5mm headset jack

The left edge houses a Micro-USB port, a volume rocker, and a 2.5mm headset jack. Both ports are covered by small plastic doors.

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Easy-to-use interface

The handset holds up to 1,000 contacts and features an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly UI. The menu lists nine items for easy navigation.

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Just a few options

The 1.3-megapixel camera has very few options. These include three photo sizes (from 320x240 to 1,280x960), a self-timer, five white balances, a brightness meter, three shutter sounds, five color effects, a night mode, and a noise reducer.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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