Uncarrier 5

T-Mobile CEO John Legere takes the stage at the Uncarrier 5 event. The animated chief executive rattled off facts about the carrier and how it stacks up against its competitors.

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Uncarrier movement

When Legere got to T-Mobile in 2012, he coined the Uncarrier movement, a push to get rid of contracts and differentiate T-Mobile from other mobile carriers.

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Mobile vs desktop

Legere told the crowd that in 2012, connected Internet devices surpassed PCs. In 2015, mobile Internet users will surpass fixed Internet users, he says.

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We use the most data

Alledgedly, T-Mobile customers use the most data out of the four major US mobile carriers.

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VoLTE coverage

T-Mobile's Voice over LTE service covers 100 million, says Legere.

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Pain points

Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert took the stage to talk about how T-Mobile is getting rid of pain points in the carrier.

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Test drive

Sievert introduced a new program from T-Mobile called Test Drive. You can now test out T-Mobile's network without a big commitment up front.

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Get an iPhone for free

With Test Drive, you get a free iPhone to use for one week. After that week, you give back the phone, or else you'll be charged for the device.

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Seven night stand

First the breakup letter, now the seven night stand. With Test Drive, you can "cheat" on your current carrier.

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Free music streaming

The next big announcement from T-Mobile is that your streaming music will no longer count against your data cap. It's called Music Freedom.

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No data limts

Streaming music from Pandora or Spotify won't use up your data, at all. That's great news for those who have caps and like to stream audio.

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"Our network can handle it"

T-Mobile says it's introducing Music Freedom because its networks can handle it.

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Piggybacking off of Music Freedom, T-Mobile is unveiling a new streaming radio service called UnRadio. It's free for current customers who have the unlimited data plan, and $5 per month for other customers.

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Perks of UnRadio

UnRadio boasts no ads, unlimited skips, and more than 20 million songs.

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T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, Legere, and Sievert answer questions from the audience.


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