T-Mobile MyTouch Slide

The T-Mobile MyTouch Slide is an Android 2.1 device, but to differentiate itself from the other Android smartphones on the market, T-Mobile added a custom user interface.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


As the name suggests, the MyTouch Slide is a slider phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is a bit reminiscent of the Sidekick's. During our brief time with the device, we found it quite easy to use. The buttons are a good size and have ample spacing between them.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


The MyTouch Slide features a 5-megapixel camera and a flash on the back.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Color options

T-Mobile will offer the MyTouch Slide in three colors: black, white, and red. Although pricing and availability date were not revealed at this time, T-Mobile said the phone will be released some time in June.
Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET


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