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Nick Shih's thermometer: -196 degrees Celsius

Overclocker Nick Shih, who led a global overclocking competition for 18 months, shows how he got a chip down to -196 degrees Celsius, the boiling point of liquid nitrogen.

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Liquid nitrogen bath for overclocking a chip

Nick Shih pours liquid nitrogen to keep a processor supercooled and maximally overclockable at CeBIT.

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Chilled chips at CeBIT overclocking event

A chilled chip is surrounded by a fog of cold, sinking air.

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Liquid nitrogen breath

Overclocker Nick Shih shows what happens when you drink from a can of liquid nitrogen: water vapor in your chilled breath condenses.

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Liquid nitrogen tank

The liquid nitrogen tank's metal nozzle is covered with a layer of frost condensed out of the air.

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