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Blushing blue moon

The world experienced the rare phenomenon of a so-called blue blood supermoon on Jan. 31. At least, those of us who were willing to wake up early did, that is. 

If you slept in, enjoy the cosmic sight captured by a number of photographers.

The moon takes on a reddish tint in this shot of the lunar eclipse (the blood moon part) as seen from Singapore by photographer Rameses Mendoza.

Published:Caption:Photo:Rameses Mendoza
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Lady Liberty un-phased by super blue blood moon

The eclipsed super blue blood moon sets next to the Statue of Liberty.

Published:Caption:Photo:Gary Hershorn/Corbis via Getty Images
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Singapore supermoon

A cable car gondola moves past the super blue blood moon in Singapore.

Published:Caption:Photo:Roslan Rahman / AFP/Getty Images
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Super Blue Blood Moon down under

Bikers in Perth, Australia dismount to take a shot of the second full moon in January, which turned out to be super in multiple ways.

Published:Caption:Photo:Paul Kane / Getty Images
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Gone fishing for supermoon shots

This early morning blood moon shot was taken by fishing guide Brian Vaughn at Hilton Head, SC.

Published:Caption:Photo:Brian Vaughn
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Supermoon comes in for a dome-bump in the UK

The supermoon rises behind St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris J Ratcliffe / Getty Images
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Scandinavian supermoon

A super blue blood moon behind a mountain is seen from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

Published:Caption:Photo:Heiko Junge / AFP/Getty Images
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Elk, dunes and blood moon

This gorgeous shot was taken by Patrick Myers, a park ranger at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado. It features the super blood moon above the dunes and a herd of elk on the floor of the San Luis Valley.

Published:Caption:Photo:NPS/Patrick Myers
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Behind the scenes

Supermoon photography isn't as glorious as it might seem. This shot by Justin Qian of Singapore shows how it's done.

Published:Caption:Photo:Justin Qian
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There will be blood

The supermoon seen mid-eclipse from Singapore by photographer Justin Qian.

Published:Caption:Photo:Justin Qian
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Birds watching

This shot by Russell Charters from Victoria, Australia proves that the supermoon is for the birds (and everyone else.)

Published:Caption:Photo:Russell Charters
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Partly cloudy with a chance of supermoon

Photographer Mark Hollander captured the supermoon peeking through clouds over Australia.

Published:Caption:Photo:Mark Hollander
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