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New look

Fusion Wayang Kuilt, a group of Malaysian artists, has recreated DC superheroes Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as traditional Malaysian shadow puppets.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Labour of love

The team, founded by Malaysian duo Tintoy Chuo and Take Huat, said each puppet takes more than 100 hours to craft, build and paint.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Ancient art

The art of Wayang Kulit shadow puppetry is more than a thousand years old and originated in the royal courts of the Indonesian islands, brought to the islands by Indian traders.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Man of Steel

The Superman puppet was originally created for an exhibit last August in Penang, Malaysia.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Star trio

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, the stars of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, were part of that exhibit.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Team effort

Other Justice League heroes, like The Flash, have also been created.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

In brightest day, in blackest night...

This reimagined Green Lantern actually carries a green lantern.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit

Not its first rodeo

This set of DC puppets is not the first time Fusion Wayang Kulit has created shadow puppets based on pop culture. The group also has crafted Star Wars and Bruce Lee sets.

Photo by: Fusion Wayang Kulit


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