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This Barb candle

Light a candle for the late queen of the terminally un-chill Barb, whose overprotective and square nature doomed her to be snatched by the hungry Demogorgon. It's available for $18.13 on Etsy.

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This Demogorgon statue

This is creepy and super cool and is also the perfect desk decoration for any "Stranger Things" fan. Get it for $50 at
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This Eleven with Eggos Funko Pop!

Speaking of desk decorations, the "Stranger Things" line of Funko Pop! figurines is absolutely epic. They have everyone from Eleven to the inimitable Barb. Get this or any of the other "Stranger Things" figures for $8.79 at

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This Eleven baseball shirt

On the eleventh day of Christmas, give your favorite "Stranger Things" fan this awesome baseball shirt. It will run you $23 on Etsy.

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This 'Friends Don't Lie' pin

Eleven and Mike Wheeler had an instant connection and taught each other a very important lesson about friendship with the much-repeated adage, "friends don't lie." Give this wise little pin for just $7.69 on Etsy.

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This Upside Down poster

The kids in Stranger Things had tons of awesome posters on their walls, from "The Dark Crystal" to Blondie to "The Evil Dead." You can celebrate your "Stranger Things" fandom with your very own poster. Put this under the tree for $6.41 and up via Etsy.

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This Christmas lights sweatshirt

Harnessing the power of the Demogorgon to communicate with your missing kid is a pretty creative solution. This sweatshirt is a celebration of said motherly know-how. You'll find this one for $17.95+ on Etsy.

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Steve Harrington's Harrington jacket

Did you know that BMOC (and Nancy's new boyfriend) Steve Harrington is actually sporting a Harrington Jacket in a few scenes? There are more than a few of these easter eggs in the first season of "Stranger Things," but this is one of the more stylish ones. This is $390 at J.Crew.

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This mouth breather cross stitch

Get this awesome cross stitch for anyone who knows how to stand up to a bully. You can have this stitched to order for $42 on Etsy.

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This Hawkins Middle School AV Club sweatshirt

This is just awesome. Buy this for yourself or for a pal who will definitely get the joke without you having to explain it. It's yours for $23.95 on Etsy.

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This Wrist Rocket

Lucas's Wrist Rocket is a reference to the slingshot in Stephen King's "It." Though it doesn't destroy the monster, it is an important piece of the "Stranger Things" atmosphere. It's also the perfect tool for shooting marshmallows across your house. Amazon has you covered for $14.

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These vintage walkie talkies

Eleven can dial into Mike's old walkie talkie and hear Mike in the Upside Down. This is one of the early indicators to the boys that El is going to be a huge help. You can score these for $50.28 on Etsy.

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Dustin's hat

Oh, Dustin! The melding of some of our favorite characters from "The Goonies," he simultaneously provided a wry perspective beyond his years and a ton of comic relief. Celebrate your favorite member of the "Stranger Things" crew by wearing his signature hat. It will run you $8 on Etsy.

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Hawkins Middle School tiger shirt

Dustin is also seen wearing this Hawkins Middle Tigers gym T-shirt, which is perfectly distressed, so it really channels the '80s aesthetic. These shirts are $18+ on Etsy.

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Dungeons & Dragons starter set

The action of "Stranger Things" kicks off with the boys playing Dungeons & Dragons. Will Byers tries to fireball the Demogorgon, rolls a seven and fails to destroy the monster. Relive the excitement when you get your best friend a D&D board game of his or her very own. Amazon has D&D Starter Sets for $79.95 and up.
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