Japanese toymaker Legend Toys turned plenty of heads in 2012 when it released an ultra-realistic rendition of Steve Jobs as a 12-inch-tall action figure. Complete with its own leather chair and multiple accessories, the mini-Jobs had lovingly detailed facial features, clothing, and accessories.

Legend's latest creation is the Young Steve Jobs, another foot-long figure with remarkable authenticity. It's available in two versions, a Jobs from the late 1970s, and another from the early 1980s.

Photo by: Legend Toys

Dapper doll

The Young Steve Jobs strikes a chic pose in this double-breasted suit and recalls early photos of Jobs himself. The clothing was tailored by Japanese doll expert Yuko Nakamori.
Photo by: Legend Toys

Apple exec

A close-up view of the '70s Jobs shows the details of the face sculpting, as well as an apple that comes as an accessory.
Photo by: Legend Toys

Birth of the turtleneck

The early 1980s version of the Young Steve Jobs figure sports the signature turtleneck and jeans. Jobs' death reportedly precipitated a run on the mock black turtlenecks made by Minnesota manufacturer St. Croix.
Photo by: Legend Toys


This early 1980s version of the Young Steve Jobs action figure has the Apple founder posing with a recreation of the Apple I.
Photo by: Legend Toys

The Apple I

Apple's first product has been redone in miniature for the Young Steve Jobs figure. It's a lavishly detailed reproduction in laser-cut, engraved wood.
Photo by: Legend Toys

The older Jobs

Legend Toys' first Steve Jobs figure was an amazingly lifelike version of Jobs in his later years. It comes with a leather chair and interchangeable hands.
Photo by: Tim Hornyak/CNET


Some of the accessories that come with Legend Toys' first Steve Jobs figure include bendable hands, eyeglasses, and, of course, a plastic apple.
Photo by: Tim Hornyak/CNET

IIc style

Part of the fun of having a Steve Jobs figure is you can pose it in all kinds of situations. I couldn't resist digging out my old Apple IIc and snapping a photo.
Photo by: Tim Hornyak/CNET

GI Jobs

Of course, 12 inches is also the scale of vintage GI Joe action figures. Naturally, their uniforms fit the Steve Jobs figure. Here's Jobs striking a military pose with a very early mobile phone.
Photo by: Tim Hornyak/CNET


The Jobs action figure seems at home in all sorts of settings, from bookshelves to desktops to mantlepieces. It's fun for photography and certainly makes a good conversation piece.
Photo by: Tim Hornyak/CNET


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