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Apple iMac (20-inch, 2.66GHz)

Price: $1,199

Availability: Now

The outlook:The 20-inch iMac is our favorite of Apple's new round of desktops, mostly due to its outstanding performance.

Read our review of the 20-inch iMac.

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Dell Adamo

Price: Starts at $1,999

Availability: Shipping by late April

The outlook: Dell's attempt at an upscale luxury brand could appeal to design-conscious consumers who, for one reason or another, won't switch to a MacBook.

Read our hands-on preview of the Dell Adamo.

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D-Link DIR-685

Price: Around $300

Availability: Q2 2009

The outlook: It's a NAS drive, it's a Wi-Fi router, it's a digital photo frame...

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Dell Mini 10

Price: Starts at $399

Availability: Mid-April

The outlook: A long-overdue 10-inch version of Dell's popular 9-inch Netbook.

Read more about the Dell Mini 10.

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D-Link DNS-726-4 NVR Pro

Price: $699.99

Availability: Q2 2009

The outlook: D-Link DNS-726-4 NVR Pro is a surveillance-oriented NAS with multichannel digital video camera support and sophisticated management software.

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Dell Studio One 19

Price: $699

Availability: Now in Japan, soon in the U.S.

The outlook:Dell's budget-priced touch-screen all-in-one may emerge as the leader in the new low-cost segment of this category.

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HP Pavilion dv2

Price: TBD--likely under $700

Availability: spring 2009

The outlook: A step up (both in power and price) from standard Netbooks, with AMD's new Athlon Neo CPU.

Read more about the HP Pavilion dv2.

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Samsung P2370L

Price: $399

Availability: "Soon"

The outlook: Samsung's first LED backlit monitor.

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Samsung NC20

Price: Around $600

Availability: Some limited international availability, wider U.S. release spring 2009

The outlook: The first Netbook to use VIA's Nano--a competitor to the Intel Atom CPU.

Read more about the Samsung NC20.

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Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ

Price: $399.99

Availability: Now, but hard to find

The outlook: Samsung offers this 120Hz LCD with Nvidia's 3DVision kit, which creates amazing stereoscopic 3D effects in PC games and movies.

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