The first screen you'll see when launching the Spotify Mobile app is the Playlist tab. Here, Premium account holders will be able stream their starred tracks and playlists, including tracks that have been sent to you by friends. Upon diving into a playlist you can elect to have its content cached into device memory for offline playback.
Photo by: Spotify

What's New

The What's New tab offers a cover art view of new and noteworthy music that can be streamed to your device.
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After clicking through to an artist through the What's New tab or searching using the Search tab, you can scroll through available content.
Photo by: Spotify

Now Playing

The song playback view offers an uncluttered view of album art, along with basic track controls across the bottom, an info button at the top left, and a hide button on the top right that will take you back to your previous screen.
Photo by: Spotify

Track info

By tapping on the album art or info button in the track playback view, you can access artist and album information, add the track to a playlist, star the track, share it, or adjust shuffle and repeat settings.
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Song share

If you elect to share a track, you have the option to copy the link, e-mail the link, send just to Spotify friends, and share on Facebook or Twitter.
Photo by: Spotify


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