Sous weed: Gorgeous ganja grub to tempt your tastebuds (pictures)

Unofficial pot holiday 4/20 means a lot of people will get the munchies. Elevate your weed cuisine with these sublime sous vide dishes from cannabis chef Monica Lo.


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Stoned fruit galette gets baked

Sous Weed founder Monica Lo goes way beyond pot brownies with her sous vide-based marijuana-infused recipes. This is haute cuisine at its highest level. "Sous vide is every top chef's secret weapon to making delicious food consistently. Since you're cooking underwater at a very precise temperature, sous vide lends itself perfectly to cannabis cooking--no more smelly crockpots! It's discreet and safe," Lo tells CNET's Crave blog.

Lo's Stoned Fruit Galette dessert includes nectarines, lemon, blackberry jam and canna-butter, a cannabis-infused butter made in a sous vide water bath.

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Prepping canna-butter

Sous Weed is a recipe site filled with delectable recipes made with marijuana. Founder Monica Lo preps for making canna-butter in this photo. Lo is an activist, chef, photographer and co-founder of cannabis news site Weed Horn. Sous Weed is aimed at changing the public perception of cannabis users, one recipe at a time.

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Avo-cannabis oil

Sous Weed creator Monica Lo calls this green liquid "Avocuddle Oil." The pot-infused avocado oil is made using a sous vide water-bath cooking process. "Avocuddle oil can be used for massage, as a topical pain-relieving salve, and even as a tingly personal lubricant," Lo notes.

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Don't bogart the kief burger

Sous Weed cannabis recipe site founder Monica Lo sure knows how to coin a great name. This is her Bourbon-Glazed & Confused Burger, a gourmet interpretation of the classic hamburger. It could easily appear on the menu for a high-end restaurant, but the secret ingredient is Kief Honey in the glaze. Kief refers to the crystal-like cannabis resin glands.

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Decarboxylation for cannabis cooking

One of the secrets to cooking delectable pot delicacies is to decarb your cannabis. "When you decarb cannabis, it turns the THCA (non-psychoactive but great anti-inflammatory) into THC (the fun stuff!)--all you need to do is heat it up in the oven or your sous vide water bath!" writes Sous Weed recipe site founder Monica Lo.

This image shows one of the prep steps for decarbing marijuana by placing it in a bag before heating it in a water bath.

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Crunchy toasts with hemp oil

These vibrant toasts come from cannabis cooking website Sous Weed. That bright orange topping is a sesame ginger carrot mash made with pot-infused butter in a sous vide hot-water bath cooking process. A drizzle of hemp oil, available in some grocery stores, tops off the pot-themed delicacy.

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Ice cream gets a cannabis makeover

Just let the name of this ice cream recipe sink in for a moment: "Roasted Sweet Corn & Green Butter Ice Cream." The dessert comes from cannabis cooking site Sous Weed and features fresh-shucked corn, berries, heavy whipping cream and canna-butter, a pot-infused butter that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Cooking the ice cream in a sous vide hot-water bath is much easier than some other approaches to the frozen dessert. "The sous vide method is perfect for this process and all you need to do is put your ingredients into a bag and drop it in the water!" Sous Weed founder Monica Lo says.

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From sous vide to Sous Weed

Cannabis butter features in a lot of the recipes on the Sous Weed marijuana-focused cooking website. This image shows the pot-infused butter cooking in a jar in a sous vide hot-water bath. The butter is then strained and allowed to cool and solidify for cooking and baking.

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Lil smokies for ganja smokers

There's no reason you have to settle for low-quality snack foods when you get the munchies. These gourmet Lil Smokies from the Sous Weed marijuana recipe site pack some spice in the form of chipotle powder. They get an added kick from kief honey made from concentrated cannabis bits.

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A different kind of Green Goddess dressing

Green Goddess dressing is a classic often made with sour cream, anchovies and herbs. The Sous Weed recipe site takes the concept and adds a twist with a dollop of kief honey made with cannabis. The piquant dressing works over salads or as a dip for vegetables.

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Far-out fish

This perfectly prepared filet of salmon gets its beautiful sear marks by finishing it in a pan after cooking it for 30 minutes in a plastic zip bag in a sous vide hot-water bath. The recipe comes from Sous Weed, a site dedicated to high-end foods cooked with cannabis. The Sous Vide Honey-Blazed Salmon fits right in with the addition of kief-infused honey, a sweetener made with concentrated cannabis resin glands.

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Raise a Bloody Mary Jane for toasted toasts

Sous Weed recipe site founder Monica Lo offers up a wallop of a Bloody Mary recipe called the Bloody Mary Jane. It's a delightful combination of charred tomatoes, garlic, jalapeno, lime, Tabasco sauce, horseradish and vodka. What's extra-special is that the vodka is cannabis-infused. The vodka is made by cooking it in a sous vide water bath for two hours. That's worth a toast.

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Rabbit, chocolate and loco weed

What would you do if someone gave you rabbit legs, tomato paste, red wine, carrots and a pot-infused chocolate bar? If you're Monica Lo, founder of the Sous Weed cannabis cooking recipe site, you make Medicated Chocolate Rabbit Ragu and serve it over pasta. It's pretty much guaranteed to not harsh your mellow.

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