LAS VEGAS--Sony announced 4K TVs in 55 and 65 inches, for undisclosed albeit "real-world" prices.
Here's another look at those smaller 4K TVs, members of the X900 series. Sony says those "magnetic fluid" speakers are the cat's meow.
Sony's 4K OLED TV is just a prototype, but the company still managed to one-up LG and Samsung by 1 inch and a few million pixels.
This W802A LED-based LCD TV sports a sleek new circular stand.
Sony's W900 looks a lot like the W802A, but its picture quality should be much better.
The mainstream-priced R550A has a few cool extras, including NFC for smartphone and tablet pairing, and the ability to control DirecTV's DVR.
Here's the 84-inch X900, currently selling for a cool $25K, showing some sort of sporting event involving a ball. Lack of content is one reason why we consider 4K TVs stupid.


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