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Black, grey and white laptops are all over the place, but if you want something a little more colourful, you'll probably end up buying a Sony Vaio.

The latest range to get the rainbow treatment is the E series. We took a look at the 15-inch, boring black version of this back in February and liked what we saw, but today the company has announced an expanded range with 14-inch and 17-inch screens.

£800 gets you the black, 14-inch model, the VPCEA1Z1E, which features a Blu-ray drive. Watching a Blu-ray movie on a screen that size is hardly going to be a proper high-definition experience, although you can plug it into a TV via the HDMI port for something a little more home cinema-like.

For £100 less, you can have the white, pink, blue or green versions, which share most of the appealing specs of the black model except the slightly pointless Blu-ray drive. You're still getting things like fast 802.11n Wi-Fi, four USB ports (one of which is shared with an eSATA connection), 4GB of memory, a Core i3-330M processor, 500GB hard drive and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 graphics chip. We'd probably buy this over the more expensive model.

On the desktop replacement side of things, the colours on offer are less vivid (just white and black), but the white VPCEC1M1E/WI looks like a decent buy. For £700, you get a 17-inch screen with a resolution of 1,600x900 pixels, an Intel Core i3-330M processor, 500GB hard drive and 4GB of memory.

An extra £200 gets you a black version with a Blu-ray drive, a higher resolution screen and a faster Intel Core i5-430M processor.

But enough of this alphabetti spaghetti -- click 'Continue' for a closer look at the different colours on offer.

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The textured effect on the palm-rest of the blue E-series is a smart design touch.
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Almost certainly you'll never hold the Vaio at this angle, but it looks good on the picture.
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Pink laptop anyone? Check.
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A silver Vaio logo lets everyone know where your brand loyalties lie.
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The Incredible Hulk of laptops.
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A Blu-ray drive sits inside the white version of the 14-inch E series, although you'll have to connect the laptop to an HDTV to get a proper hi-def experience.
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The 'Assist' button offers a shortcut to online help from Sony.
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The 17-inch version of the Vaio E series has a dedicated number pad on the keyboard.
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