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At its keynote presentation at gamescom yesterday, Sony announced PSP minis -- small, low-cost casual games that can be downloaded to the PSP and the forthcoming PSP Go, much like the games on the iPod touch.

Earning a collective Crave pandiculation, EA will have Tetris and Sudoku ready for when PSP minis launch in Europe on 1 October. A total of 15 games will be available at launch, and 2009 will climax with a not-whopping 50 titles! Exact prices are unknown at the moment.

Because each game will be limited to 100MB downloads, PSP minis will, by their diminutive nature, be restricted to small games customised for the PSP's screen. Perhaps more interestingly, minis open the door to companies such as Sega, which has put significant effort into bringing its library of Mega Drive classics to modern gaming platforms, such as the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and iPhone.

In related news, a digital ebook reader will be coming to the PSP as well, and in December will come with PSP 'Digital Comics' from Marvel, IDW and others. Comics featuring the X-Men, Spider-Man and Star Trek characters will be downloaded over Wi-Fi and read via an interactive on-screen page-turning system thingy. Prices, once again, are TBC, but we've got some screenshots over the page, so at least one high five should be granted, yeah?

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This is what the comic store will look like.
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And this is what browsing individual comics looks like.
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And this is what reading a comic looks like!
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This looks like Tetris. Because it is. And it'll likely be the umpteenth time you've paid for it.
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Sudoku. Fun, but still not as good as the Guardian's crossword.
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