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Physically the same

Although it has more controls than its predecessor, the 5N, the Sony Alpha NEX-5R has the same fundamental big-grip-thin-back design as the rest of the series.

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More direct access

I expect the top dial and additional programmable function button -- which add another set of adjustments you can dial in -- to make a big difference in the camera's usability.

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The 5R adds Wi-Fi connectivity -- you can connect to your phone or an access point for uploading, and the camera will support using your phone as a remote viewfinder.

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Like the NEX-F3, the 5R's LCD tilts completely up and automatically enters a self-portrait mode; it flips the image and changes to a self timer. Unlike the F3's, the 5R's display can tilt down as well.

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Add-on flash or EVF

It retains a connector for the bundled add-on flash or an optional electronic viewfinder.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin/CNET
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