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Sony has officially launched its Reader range at the Sony Central Store in Sydney, with the help of authors Tim "Rosso" Ross and Zoe Foster.

Tim "Rosso" Ross and Zoe Foster with the Sony Reader range

Sony has released two ebook readers: the 5-inch PRS350SC Pocket (AU$229) and the 6-inch PRS650BC Touch (AU$299). The devices are Sony's first Australian forays into ebook readers and feature E Ink screens, 2GB of memory and USB connectivity. The Touch edition adds music playback, an optical touchscreen and Memory Stick Pro Duo and SD card expansion.

Better known as half of broadcasting team Merrick and Rosso, Tim Ross said he was impressed with the Sony Reader.

"I've got a whole bunch of Little Golden Books at home so I managed to put every one of those on. Then later on this afternoon I'm going to knock out one or two Doctor Seuss books, which is what I normally read."

Sony's technology communications manager Paul Colley told CNET Australia that the company had the option of releasing the Sony Reader last year but decided to hold off as this year's was "a lot better".

While Zoe Foster was promoting her latest book Playing the Field, Ross was anticipating the launch of his memoir My Mother Owned a Kingswood. Ross says it will be released on 26 October 2010 in both a hardback and ebook edition.

Ross said he liked "single-use" gadgets like the Sony Reader, but also confessed to a love of smartphones.

"I love my iPhone. I don't think they've made a better device in many ways. It just makes my life simple. Plus it takes pictures and sh*t. It takes good photos."

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The Sony Readers feature E Ink screens, which are easier to read under direct light.

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The Sony Reader can hold up to 1200 ebooks in its internal memory.

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The Sony Reader Pocket and Touch on display at Sydney's Sony Central.

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