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Completely redesigned

For its new, lower end HD models, Sony's completely redesigned the camcorder.

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Too small?

Small enough to fit comfortably in a jacket pocket, the CX100 actually feels a bit too small. It lacks the gentle rise of the older CX models that places the zoom and photo buttons higher up and easier to manipulate, and because of the shape tends to roll over if you don't cock your wrist awkwardly.

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Tiny buttons

The camera/photo mode button is tiny and flat. See that rounded rectangle on the lower right corner of the inset? That's it.

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Tiny buttons redux

The disc burn, playback, power, display, and Easy buttons sit under the LCD. They're also pretty small and flat, but have enough of a texture that they're easy to feel. The mini HDMI and USB ports, as well as the Memory Stick Duo slot, also sit under the LCD.

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New battery

Sony's Infolithium batteries are slowly morphing into ActiForce. The next-generation version of the batteries theoretically deliver better, more accurate reporting.

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