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Sony Ericsson is positioning the Naite as a green machine, but though it is indeed made from recycled materials, we're guessing that "Earth-friendly" is the last thing you'll notice. You'll instead be drawn to the sharp and bright display typical of Sony Ericsson phones, and to the pack of features inside. These include an FM radio, video camera, and video and photo editors in addition to MMS, e-mail, and Google Maps.

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The candy bar Naite gives over about half its height to the screen. That comes at the expense of the button keys. We found them a little cramped, though their shape didn't impede texting.

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There are thinner phones on the market, sure, but at 4.3 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide by 0.5 thick, the Naite is small enough to slip comfortably into pockets and purses.

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The Naite's 2-megapixel camera is decent enough for a midrange phone, and has multiple shooting modes that include black and white images and burst photography. Switch the software to video mode for recording long or short clips.

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Photo quality is so-so coming out of the camera (shown), but an onboard photo editor goes a long way to making basic pictures palatable.

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Sony Ericsson has elected to keep the Naite's spine relatively clear of buttons, with the expected exception of a volume rocker on the right spine, and the strange decision to put a charger port on the left spine instead of at the base.

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