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The A37's noise profile for JPEGs looks as you'd expect for a camera in this class: ISO 100 and 200 look good, you start to see artifacts at ISO 400, and the images are usable, depending upon content, up through ISO 3200.

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Not a stellar shot, but it accurately represents the general quality of the A37's low ISO sensitivity photos.

(1/100, f5.6, ISO 100, spot meter, AWB, 18-135mm lens at 18mm)

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You can see the noise and JPEG processing artifacts here, but they're not too obtrusive.

(1/60, f5.6, ISO 800, center-weighted meter, AWB, 18-135mm lens at 70mm)

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ISO 1600, JPEG

You can see the noise mottling in the sky and the detail degradation on the clock, but this would be quite usable scaled down a little. Also, a lot of shots of the clock face taken with other cameras/lenses display serious fringing on the high-contrast edges; here it's not a problem. I'm not sure if it's doing correction in-camera, though.

(1/80, f5, ISO 1600, spot meter, AWB, 18-135mm lens at 55mm)

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The white balance here is a little cool because of the overcast weather, but the A37 generally produces accurate and pleasing color in its default Creative Style.

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Bokeh, 18-135mm lens

Not beautiful, but the out-of-focus highlights of the 18-135mm look typical for a consumer lens.

(1/100, f5.6, ISO 100, spot meter, AWB, 18-135mm lens at 20mm)

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin/CNET
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