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Noise, ISO 400

Details start to get a little mushy at ISO 400 and I'm not crazy about the automatic white-balance results in the mixed fluorescent and daylight, but this ISO 400 shot is quite usable. (1/60 sec, f4, ISO 400, spot metering, AWB)

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Noise, ISO 3200

The exposure is darker and the white balance warmer than I like, plus the JPEG processing and noise reduction seem a little overzealous, but the ISO 3,200 photos are usable. I won't know how much they can be improved until raw support becomes available. Beyond ISO 3,200, a lot of hot pixels appear. (1/40 sec, f4.5, ISO 3200, spot metering, AWB)

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With the kit lens, the A35 can produce some sharp images, although sometimes a bit too sharpened in the default Standard Creative Style. (1/80 sec, f8, ISO 100, spot metering, AWB)

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Sony's default Standard Creative Style now produces some nice, natural-looking color. It even handles difficult reds very well.

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Handheld Twilight

Sony's HHT mode combines six exposures into a single image optimized for dynamic range. Since the mode operates faster than in previous models, it's a lot more useful. (1/60 sec, f4, ISO 5000, evaluative metering, AWB)

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