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Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Price: $799

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: Neato's newest robotic vacuum is its most expensive yet, but it also offers an intriguing new feature that'll let you tell it where not to clean using a digital map of your home in the Neato app.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET

C by GE Sol Lamp with Alexa

Price: $200

Availability: September 2017

The outlook: GE announced it was packing voice-controlled Alexa smarts into a funky-looking table lamp called "Sol" back at the beginning of 2017. Now, it's expected to start shipping out in the coming weeks. Could this be the coolest-looking Alexa gadget yet?

Published:Caption:Photo:Karen Ollis/GE

Apple HomePod

Price: $349

Availability: December 2017

The outlook: OK, so Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker won't hit the market until December, but we're still expecting to hear a lot more about it in the months ahead -- including a possible update at Apple's September 12 iPhone event.

Published:Caption:Photo:James Martin/CNET

Belkin WeMo Bridge

Price: TBD

Availability: TBD

The outlook: Speaking of Siri, we're patiently awaiting the arrival of the Belkin WeMo Bridge, which will bring all of the existing WeMo gadgets on board with Apple HomeKit. Belkin told us to expect to see it this fall, so stay tuned.


Harman Kardon Invoke

Price: TBD

Availability: TBD

The outlook: Why should Siri and Alexa have all of the fun? Cortana's got a smart speaker in the works, too, and it's an awfully nice-looking one from Harman Kardon. We don't know a whole lot about it, but we do know that it'll support voice calling via Skype, which might give it a leg up on the competition.

Published:Caption:Photo:Harman Kardon

Mode Modern Sunrise Smart Pillow

Price: $129

Availability: October 2017

The outlook: OK, maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep, but a smart pillow that tracks your sleep habits, plays white noise when needed, and wakes you up as gently as possible sounds pretty intriguing to me. I'm not alone -- the Mode Modern Sunrise Smart Pillow raised more than 15 times its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter.

Published:Caption:Photo:Mode Modern

August Smart Lock Pro

Price: TBD

Availability: TBD

The outlook: August makes some of our favorite smart locks, and the upcoming August Pro will add in a Z-Wave radio to make it compatible with even more smart home devices. The downside is that the August Pro will only be available through approved dealers, but the company does tell us that it should still be roughly comparable in cost to its original $229 smart lock when it arrives sometime this fall.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator

Price: TBD

Availability: TBD

The outlook: We first saw LG's see-through fridge at IFA 2016, then we saw it at CES 2017 sporting a Family Hub-ish touchscreen display. We oohed. We aahed. The problem is that we've yet to see any sign of it at retail -- but perhaps that will change this fall? We'll keep an eye out for it.

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET
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