Slate style from this affordable GE refrigerator (pictures)

This simple fridge looks more expensive than it actually is.

Ry Crist
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GE GTE18GMHES Slate Top Freezer Refrigerator

The GE GTE18GMHES is a simple top-freezer refrigerator with a slick-looking slate finish. Click through to get to know this budget-friendly fridge a little better.

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Slate stylings

The fridge boasts a fingerprint-resistant slate finish, which looks like stainless steel without the shine.

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A look inside

Open the doors and you'll find 17.5 cubic feet of storage space, 13.5 of which are dedicated to the fridge. Unlike less-expensive top freezers from GE, the slate model comes with spill-proof glass shelving.

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Crisper controls

Another subtle upgrade from the cheaper models: humidity controls for the crisper bins.

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Spill-proof shelving

That shelving worked well at containing messes when we tested it out. It's also fairly easy to rearrange them.

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Climate control

For temperature management, you get a single dial that controls both the fridge and the freezer in tandem, with three presets for "cold," "colder" and "coldest."

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Heat map

Here's a heat map showing the average temperatures in different sections of the refrigerator over a three-day test at the "colder" setting, which is where GE recommends you set it. The fridge temps are very consistent, and the doors didn't get too warm. The freezer's probably two or three degrees warmer than you'd like, though.

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'Coldest' setting

At the "coldest" setting, the freezer performed much better, but the fridge dropped below freezing in a few areas.

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Capacity testing

The fridge had plenty of storage space for our standardized grocery load.

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Stress tests

There was even room to spare for multiple stress test items. Without rearranging anything, we were able to squeeze in a party platter, a casserole dish and a tall pitcher.

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Extra-large width

The fridge was barely wide enough to fit this extra-large pizza....

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Depth perception

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite deep enough for us to get the door closed.

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Price point

The GE GTE18GMHES retails for a budget-friendly $800. Does the combo of steady performance and a slate finish add up to value? Check out our full review for the verdict.

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