Shaun's high-end audio and video obsession led to this

In this installment of CNET's Show Us Yours, Shaun's gives us a tour of his insanely upscale audio system and downstairs home theater. Don't ask how much it cost.

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This is Shaun. He is from British Columbia, Canada. And he's really into high-end audio and video. Brace yourself.

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This is really two Show Us Yours installments in one. Shaun has two high-end systems, one strictly for audio and one for home theater.

Shaun took 10 years to put together his audio system. He says the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond 802s were always in his plan, and through a series of upgrades he settled on them and hasn't looked back. 

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Shaun chose the Marantz MA9-S2 Monobloc amps because he wanted something that had "the liquidity of a tube amp with the control of solid state, yet provided extreme musicality and tonality."

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Shaun says the matching Marantz SC7-S2 Preamp was the next purchase and "moved the enjoyment of the system to a place I didn't think possible."

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He purchased the Marantz SA7-S1 SACD player to complete the Marantz system.

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The PS Audio P10 Power Plant is a high-end AC power regenerator that delivers clean power and helps improve audio transparency, Shaun says. It costs more than some people's entire audio systems.

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Close-up of the PS Audio P10 Power Plant.

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Shaun says he chose the phono preamp for the musicality and the tonality that the tubes brought.

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The Pro-Ject HL Signature 12 turntable was a blind purchase -- Shaun hadn't auditioned it before buying it. But he ended up being very happy with the purchase.

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"I upgraded to this piece from a great turntable that was built by a well-known American manufacturer and am very satisfied with its abilities." Shaun says. "I chose a Grado Statement 1 Cartridge because it beats out many cartridges at higher prices and gives me the tonality and presence I am looking for."

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B&W Diamond 802s.

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Shaun listens primarily to vinyl now and is building a jazz collection at a pace that he says gives his wife cause for concern.

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The cabling was chosen over the years by trial and error, Shaun says.

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B&W Diamond 802s from the side.

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Shaun says: "My friends cannot believe how good music can sound, and are blown away by how intoxicating vinyl can be when played on a great setup."

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And now for the home theater...

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Shaun says this system began in 1996 with the purchase of his first Yamaha high-end home-theater receiver as a graduation gift. "That began the obsession," he says. Since he's owned several of Yamaha's flagship amps.

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The Star Wars Lego collection is his wife's.

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Shaun says the speakers were his first higher-quality purchase in the audio realm.

The Paradigm Studio surround system consists of two Studio 100's in real cherry wood veneer, a matching Studio CC, four Studio ADP surrounds, two Titans (smaller speakers mounted high beside the screen for use with Yamaha's DSP modes) and the "wonderfully visceral" Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer that uses an active servo woofer system that enables it to drop into the realm of 14hz.

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There's a pool table in the back of the room.

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Close up of the pool table.

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Shaun says the JVC projector was chosen for its 4K upconversion capabilities and black levels. It can also do 3D. 

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Elunevision Reference 4K screen.

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The Yamaha turntable is a mid-'80s model.

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It's a direct drive and holds a Grado Platinum cartridge. Shaun says it sounds incredible considering its age.

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"The Studio ADP surrounds use a dipole radiating system which creates an out-of-phased dispersion pattern that better fills the room and enhances the feeling of being in a large theatre," Shaun says.

He partially chose Paradigm because it is a Canadian company and "we get great value in it up here in moose country."

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More Lego Star Wars along with packed shelves of vinyl and discs.

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Paradigm Servo-15 subwoofer with Studio 100. 

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The room does get dark.

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"We love this system, as do our friends, and enjoy watching films with them," Shaun says. "I am very thankful for a wife who not only gave me permission to build both systems, but who also appreciates the joy that comes from them."

Thanks, Shaun!

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