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Remember when Halloween was a season to be scary, and only kids dressed up in costumes? Yeah, those times are as dead as Dracula. It seems every costume store saves a special section for getups that manage to add a racy twist to even the most everyday item or character.

We narrowed in on a grab bag of mostly science, sci-fi and fantasy-themed costumes that blur all kinds of lines we're not sure we want blurred.

Here, Pikachu, the cutest Pokemon, gets a sexy makeover. What would Magikarp think?
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For when you want to look like you're naked, but not really be naked, this skinned dude is both scary and educational.
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Ebola is possibly the least sexy thing on the planet, yet here we have this costume.
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Did the Vikings take workout equipment along on their longships? Hopefully, this Viking at least has a coat.

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Holy chest exposure, Batman! Please note this costume is labeled "Boy Sidekick," and naturally we have no idea whose sidekick they're talking about. Neither do any trademark attorneys out there.
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Aren't you a little sexy for a Star Wars Stormtrooper?
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We found several sexy Darth Vader costumes. Here's one of the tamer ones.
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This one raises the sexiness level of Darth Vader, though we highly doubt such a busy and important leader would don a corset.
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After seeing some of the Vader costumes out there, this R2-D2 look seems positively prudish.
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Hey guys! Which way to my X-Wing Fighter? Guessing those spiked heels are not pilot-appropriate.
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Ever seen a physician walk into an exam room dressed like this? One wonders if this doctor scrubbed up before operating.
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Do you even need to ask if this patient costume opens in the back?
of 24 calls this a Sexy Undecided Voter costume, but we're kind of surprised they didn't just call it Kendra Bone, after you-know-who.
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Be prepared to explain this one to those who don't obsess over online memes: a costume version of the infamous dress that divided America.
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This zombie Roman warrior was born that one day when the cast of "The Walking Dead" accidentally stumbled onto the set of a gladiator movie.
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No way could she pass for Jason Voorhees' mother, so this costume is labeled "Jason's Babe."
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This one's dubbed "Ms. Freddy Krueger." Maybe she hangs out with "Jason's Babe."
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Yee-haw! This seems like a dangerous amount of skin to expose when out riding the range, but maybe this cowboy would fit right in in "Westworld."

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It's a "Sexy Fighting Turtle." Not to be confused in any way with those other teenage turtles you may have heard of.
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This secret agent costume manages to show off both his gun and his guns.
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I don't know, but I've been told/this soldier's arms might get real cold.
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Can we all just agree that Minions are never sexy? FYI, on one costume site, this is called a "Sexy Subordinate," because someone owns a thesaurus.
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Seem to remember that the real Ezio from Assassin's Creed is a lot more covered up than this version.
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Hoping the person in this Pokeball costume runs up to anyone dressed as Sexy Pikachu and just punches them right out.
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