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Notion's second-gen sensor

The second-generation Notion sensor is larger than its predecessor, but has the same shape and exterior design. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Chris Monroe/CNET

New battery power

The new sensors are larger, mostly due to the change in battery power. The original sensors were powered by a small coin cell battery, now replaced by two lithium-ion AAA batteries. 

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Notion bridge

Notion sensors connect to your existing Wi-Fi through a Notion bridge. Each bridge can support up to 15 sensors. 

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Notion app

Notion's app includes a home screen where you can view each sensor and the tasks it is assigned, as well as its current status. 

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Notion monitors multiple senses

Notion sensors bill themselves as a great multitasking sensor. You can use one sensor to monitor multiple things, but there are restrictions to which senses go together. 

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Notion integration with Nest

Notion's second-gen sensors now integrate with Nest, but only if you have an iOS device. Inside the Notion iOS app, you can now view Nest thermostat readings and adjust the temperature. 

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Nest in the Notion app

inside the Notion app, a Nest thermostat page displays the current Nest temperature reading with a sliding bar to make adjustments. It also displays the home's average temperature based on Notion sensors set to monitor temperature. 

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Notion is pretty pricey

A three pack of sensors and one bridge costs $219. A single sensor is $49 and a single bridge will cost you $89. That's significantly more pricey than we've seen from other smart sensor systems such as SmartThings. 

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Door and window sensing

When a sensor is used to monitor opening or closing, you'll receive notifications each time an event occurs, as well as a log of prior events. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Molly Price/CNET
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