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Perseids perform as always

Cameras were pointed skyward around the world Monday night as the 2019 Perseid meteor shower peaked. The Perseids are one of the most consistently spectacular showers of the year, producing dozens of meteoroid trails, like this one captured from Tucson, Arizona, by photographer Eliot Herman. Keep clicking through the gallery for more pretty Perseids from around the globe.

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Early 'Earth-grazer'

Another Perseid captured above the Tucson foothills by photographer Eliot Herman

 "At 9:05 p.m., early meteors as the radiant moves above the horizon can be elongated Earth-grazers as this one," says Herman. "Even under bright moonlight this Earth-grazer had vivid color characteristic of the Perseids."

Published:Caption:Photo:Eliot Herman
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Polish Perseid paradise

A lone, faint Perseid captured over Poland by Radoslaw Machowski.

Published:Caption:Photo:Radoslaw Machowski
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A royal view

This composite shot of Perseids over the monument to Queen Victoria at Chobham Common outside London was captured by photographer Neil Camden.

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Slicing the celestial circle

This early Perseid was taken Saturday from Russia by Dmitry Ardashev.

Published:Caption:Photo:Dmitry Ardashev
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Streaking through an Italian evening

A composite shot of multiple long-trail Perseids cruising across the twilight sky of Northern Italy. This one comes from Simone Pelatti.

Published:Caption:Photo:Simone Pelatti
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Catching Perseids at camp

Skywatchers in Germany set up a "MeteorCamp" near Stuttgart to catch images like this one from photographer Jean-Marie Will

Published:Caption:Photo:Jean-Marie Will
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Almost too much to take in

A lone Perseid is just one of several fantastic features in this shot from Nova Scotia, Canada, by Darryl Robertson. Jupiter and Saturn are also visible on either side of the Milky Way. 

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Prairie Perseids

A composite of four Perseid shots in the Wyoming sky captured by photographer Jan Curtis.

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The sun also rises...

Even as dawn broke during the Perseids' peak Aug. 13, the meteors were still doing their thing, as they'll continue to do for a few more weeks, albeit a little less frequently than they did Monday and Tuesday. Keep your eyes on the sky!

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