This alternate-history FPS is one of the biggest games on the PS3's launch slate. World War II didn't happen because aliens invaded, and now you have to kill them before they kill everyone. It's a cool premise that boils down to the classic formula of "shoot the ugly aliens."
This PS3 exclusive features some of the most realistic-looking sweat ever found in a basketball game.
In one of the more memorable moments of E3 2006, Genji was introduced as an action game "based on Japanese history" that also features "giant enemy crabs" upon which you can inflict massive damage. OK, maybe Sony's grasp of history is questionable, but the game still looks pretty cool.
Just remember that it's not pronounced "Ridge Racer." It's RIIIIIIIDGE RAAACER!
The Gundam franchise isn't quite as popular here as it is in Japan, but we can never say no to a game with giant fighting robots.
A small coup for Sony, the drive-and-gun sequel to the Xbox 360 exclusive Full Auto is going to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.
It wouldn't be a PlayStation without a Madden game to play on it. The PS3 version of Madden 07 will use the console's SixAxis motion-sensing controller to execute certain moves, like the Nintendo Wii version.
The PS3 version of this arcade-style WWII flight sim will use the system's SixAxis controller to fly. Rocking and twisting the controller can control pitch, yaw, and whatever the third one is. What's a yaw, anyway?
The eighth game in the Tony Hawk series will feature the same grinding, flipping, grabbing, and crashing action we've learned to love.


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