Forget the prequels. Lego Star Wars II takes you all the way from the time that Leia's Blockade Runner gets jacked by the Empire to when the second Death Star goes up in smoke.
The original trilogy's most memorable scenes are recaptured with a Lego twist--even the weird robot eyeball/doorbell on the entrance to Jabba's palace. In this case, these are the droids you're looking for.
The Hoth battle has been done so many times before, but now the walkers are made of Lego!
"The more you tighten your grip on the galaxy, the more systems will slip through your fingers... er... curved, plastic hand-thing. How do we pick up stuff anyway?"
Wookies are known for tearing off arms. With the magic of Lego, this type of violence is now safe for kids!
Bet you didn't think I'd remember the Hoth airspeeder call signs, did you? Interesting fact: While they were Echo Squadron on Hoth, that specific group of pilots were also known as Rogue Squadron, the finest X-wing pilots in the Rebel Alliance. Yeah, I can out-nerd anyone.
Tons of bodies, heads, and helmets are available to thorough players. Team up Han's smirk with Leia's body and an X-wing pilot helmet, and you have yourself a creepy little party.
Like most games, you have to collect money (Lego "studs") to purchase additional items and costumes. Eventually, you can unlock everything from Lando to R2D2.
It just wouldn't be Lego without some clever brick-stacking action.
Say what you will about Leia's Lego-fied slave costume, but you have to admire their ability to turn Jabba into a cup-handed plastic block.


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