Pick your favorite car and outfit it with more machine guns, rockets, and lasers than the Batmobile.
The object of this game isn't to see who flinches and turns first, but to see who catches fire and burns first.
Well, we can't all be winners. This is where watching all those car insurance commercials finally pays off.
You, uh... you have something on your windshield, there.
Usually when a sedan faces off against a truck, the truck wins. This time, however, the sedan is packing heat.
If you're in the wilderness without matches or a lighter, rubbing two cars together can produce enough sparks to make a small bonfire. I learned that in the Scouts.
Those twin machine guns are almost as fearsome as those giant tailfins in the back.
Whether you want to push through snow or smash through cars, it's a good idea to have your target in front of your plow, not behind it.
A car with a big laser on its hood is the only thing that can possibly be cooler than a car with machine guns and a rocket launcher on its hood.
In any other racing game, this car would be a contender. In Full Auto 2, it's just unprocessed scrap metal.


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Brian Cooley found it for you at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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