You won't kill people in Bully, but you can expect more than one scuffle with the school's various cliques.
Bullworth Academy is your old-school new school. This posh boarding school will probably evoke more memories of Mr. Chips than of your own teachers.
Never before has a PlayStation 2 game so successfully captured the excitement of opening your locker.
Guns aren't available, but your slingshot can serve as a handy, nonlethal tool for mischief-making.
Cause too much trouble, and school authorities will come down on you like a SWAT team.
Bullworth Academy won't be your only stomping grounds. Venture outside of the schoolyard to find new things to do.
Photo by: CNET Networks
A grizzled, old veteran will take you under his wing and teach you how to fight--if you give him stuff.
Bully has caused some controversy over the fact that the main character can kiss both boys and girls. We don't have a screenshot of it, so here's him trading smoldering looks with a classmate.
These stereotypical nerds are just some of the many different kinds of students you'll find at Bullworth.
You don't have to play Bully with fists swinging. Sometimes diplomacy and creativity can be just as fruitful.


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