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Scenes from Macworld 2011 (photos)

See all the flashy iPhone and iPad accessories on display at Macworld 2011--a show that is decidedly less flashy without Apple's participation.

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Macworld 2011

SAN FRANCISCO--At Macworld 2011, the first Macworld since the iPad was released and only the second to take place without a prominent Apple presence since the company decided to pull out of the event, some of the flare has been lost.

Moving to one of Moscone Center's smaller show floors, the tradeshow lacks the old sense of anticipation and excitement for product launches, and is instead more of a clearinghouse of look-alike Apple accessories.

The expo floor features aisle after aisle of similar products. If you're interested in iPad and iPhone cases, skins, and screen protectors, you'd be in heaven here.
2 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Sponge Bob to Pink Floyd

Custom graphic cases for the iPad and iPhone are everywhere here. Domo, Sponge Bob, Pink Floyd and custom-made graphics can be transformed into flashy cases.
3 of 26 James Martin/CNET

iPhone Projectors

Products related to video and music media are some of the more interesting accessories at this year's show.

As Apple becomes more multimedia proficient and iPhones carry all sorts of media, producers are finding new ways to access the content and bring it to more dynamic displays.

Handheld projectors, like the one seen here, cost a few hundred dollars and show movies from iPhones on nearby walls.
4 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Glitsy products

Is the iPhone design too sleek and clean for you? Give it some flare with jeweled cases and flashy designs.

These Luxmo luxury mobile cases will bring out your inner Liberace.
5 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Tripod for pictures

Take better advantage of the iPhone's superior camera with Gymbl's tripod.

As a stabilizer for using FaceTime for video conference calls, Gymbl allows for hands-free chatting.

Accompanying software enables the iPhone to be used as a panorama camera, stitching together multiple images for a large view of the world.
6 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Sidekick cleaning pad,

The Sidekick cleaning pad, made by Lenspen, removes smudges and dirt from the pristine screens of iPads and iPhones.
7 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Paper Show

Paper Show shows off a teacher's aid that replaces the overhead projector as a way of demonstrating lessons to students.

The accompanying pen can be used to write on the paper pad and to draw on the screen.
8 of 26 James Martin/CNET


Cases, protectors, and stands are everywhere, and some do double duty.

The TabGrip shown here clamps onto an iPad and gives each side a protective handle.
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TabGrip stand

In addition to acting as handles for the iPad, the TabGrip transforms into a stand for the iPad.
10 of 26 James Martin/CNET


The Ektopad is a case designed specifically for gamers.

The mushy silicon frame emulates the feel of gaming controllers.
11 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Showing off cases

Walking down the second aisle of cases and stands for the iPad, a vendor shows off the Us+U, billed as "the world's most functional iPad case."
12 of 26 James Martin/CNET


Zaggmate has a business-oriented accessory for the iPad, a protective cover along with bluetooth keyboard and stand that give the iPad a more laptop-like feel.
13 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Aisles and aisles of accessories

Aisles and aisles of accessories, most of which are iPad stands, cases, and protective screens, inside Moscone West at Macworld 2011.
14 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Backpack or frontpack?

On the go? With this interesting pack, your iPad can fold out of your belly, and you can compute and walk at the same time. We wrote about this odd-looking carrier earlier this week.
15 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Guitar Sidekick

With so many apps that have various uses, stands are everywhere, providing hands-free access to apps.

The Guitar Sidekick attaches to the neck of a guitar, giving musicians an easy way to read music from iPhones.
16 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Skin is in

Skin is in at Macworld, and along with graphic skins for phones, there are also many, many keyboard skins, showing shortcuts tailored to specific programs, like this skin, which shows Adobe Premiers keystrokes.
17 of 26 James Martin/CNET

It's all Apple

It's all Apple at Macworld, with Apple gobbling up the ghosts of Windows past.
18 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Shock-absorbing Impact Shield

Using a hammer to demonstrate the protective ability of their cases, an iPhone with the shock-absorbing Impact Shield gets pounded with a hammer, and goes unscathed.
19 of 26 James Martin/CNET


We're not sure what they were showing off, but there was some 3D on display.
20 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Skins, skins, and more skins

Skins, skins, and more skins, more colorful than the last, but not as protective as the next, so they say.
21 of 26 James Martin/CNET


LaunchPad is a secure stand and mount that enables a company to use the iPad as a kiosk to safely and securely show off information to customers.
22 of 26 James Martin/CNET


Definitely the most unique product I saw on the expo floor at Macworld, iGrill connects your iPad or iPhone to a device that monitors your grill skills.
23 of 26 James Martin/CNET

Fling game controller

The Fling game controller attaches to the iPad screen with suction cups and gives a more precise and accurate way of controlling games on the iPad.
24 of 26 Nicole Lee/CNET

TV Hat

You may have seen it advertised on TV, and here it is in real life.

With TV Hat, you place your iPhone inside the long brim, lower the side curtains, and create a tiny home theater, wherever you are.
25 of 26 Nicole Lee/CNET


The Technocel product called the PowerPak Duo is one of the new products released this year at Macworld 2011.

The smart charger is designed to charge an electronic device, such as iPads, iPods, or iPhones two at a time, anytime and anywhere.
26 of 26 Nicole Lee/CNET

Music with MACs

Music application and advanced hardware designed to work in conjunction with Apple products including iPhones and iPads are giving amateur musicians the tools they need to produce studio-quality recordings at home.

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