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Devialet hopes to win 'most photogenic' at CES 2014

The Devialet 240 amp is the company's flagship amp, and has the looks -- and price tag -- to prove it. While the entire line is on display at CES 2014, the Devialet 240 is made from a single block of aluminum, and the black chrome mirror finish is drop-dead gorgeous.

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Buzzy Mini aims to take the sting out of needles

The Buzzy Mini is a tool we tried out at CES 2014. Designed for the needle-phobic, the Buzzy Mini uses a combination of cold and vibration to reduce the pain -- and fear -- of shots and bloodwork.

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Sleep Number x12 puts CES 2014 to bed

Alexandra Savvides lies down on the job while she gets up close with the Sleep Number x12 smart bed at CES 2014. Luke Westaway took a tour of the bed as well, leaving us to wonder how many CNET staffers have tried napping there.

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Ivee Sleek may be the personal assistant you fall in love with

If you're still looking for a personal assistant who doesn't require vacation pay, the Ivee Sleek is a voice-activated assistant we spotted at CES 2014. Debuting last CES as a prototype, this year, the device is already on sale and has partnered with Lowe's Iris and Staples Connect to interact with a wide range of home automation devices.

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Matias keyboard goes retro for ergonomics

Announced at CES 2014, the Matias Ergo Pro is a split keyboard with mechanical rather than membrane keys. Matias claims the retro function is worth the price, as this keyboard is designed to last longer than current keyboard designs. It will be available for Mac and Windows machines this August.

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Nikon D3300 brings more features to lower-end DSLRs

We go hands-on with the Nikon D3300, a feature-rich, entry-level digital SLR camera the company is showing off at CES 2014.

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Samsung Chef Collection refrigerator: so cool it's hot

If you've never given much thought to the appliance keeping your food cold, this one might change your mind. The Samsung Chef Collection RH9900 4-door refrigerator, which the company is showing off at CES 2014 with the rest of the appliance line, has an LED display, section for customized temperature control, and metal trays for meats that go from fridge to oven to dishwasher.

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Could Hisense Pulse Pro be the future of Android TV?

We went hands-on with the Hisense Pulse Pro Android TV box at CES 2014, and were impressed by the refreshed user interface, as well as the remote.

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Zazzi is trying to beautify wearables

Fashionteq's Zazziline is trying to bring fashion to the huge wearables trend we're seeing at CES 2014.

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Pleo RB fights extinction at CES 2014

Innvo Labs has brought the adorable robotic dinosaur back from extinction, showing up at CES 2014 with Pleo RB, a refreshed version complete with multiple color choices.

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